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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  April 23, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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heavy snow in maryland and parts of the northeast. the question is how cold is it
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going to be tomorrow. >> metro driver dieing anotioned with a contagious disease, the transit agency warning passengers. >> police say the man suspected of killing an activist in alexandria is suspected of killing several other people. >> doesn't feel like spring outside. more like winter. this its garrett county, maryland, where people saw 6 inches of snow today. we didn't get that much in the d.c. area all winter. doug is here with more. what is going on? >> that is so true. the biggest snowstorms of the year happen in october now happening in the month of april. for most of us, talking western maryland, parts of pennsylvania. for us, a cold rain. temperature tuesday into the 40s. all across the area. high temperature at dulles. 47 degrees. that is the coldest, high temperature for this day ever recorded out there at dulles. we go back, 40, 50 years. we go towards the west.
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out towards garrett county. parts coming up with 3 to 6 inches of snow. in parts of pennsylvania we saw upwards of a foot, foot and a half of snow. all because of this monstrous storm we saw across the area. that storm bringing in cold air from the north. and wrapping that air across our area today. struggling to reach the 50 degree mark. temperatures for most of us, 20 degrees below the average high. and for many of those areas back to the west. with elevation. we are talking about snow in late april. what are we going to see in the next couple days? even bigger changes. i will show you coming up. >> a search underway for the driver who crashed a car into a house. chopper 4 flew over the scene along new hampshire avenue in the white oak area tonight. that crash did extensive damage to the front porch. before the vehicle flipped on its side. investigators say the driver ran away. before the police got there, nobody was injured though. >> a warning from metro tonight. a driver, sick with meningitis,
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may have exposed passengers to that contagious virus. shomari stone has our report. >> tonight, metro officials tell us this bus driver returned from vacation, came to work, got on the bus with viral meningitis. >> that is very scary. >> martha thomas its terrified, after finding out a metro bus driver on the route she tackskeo work has been diagnosed with viral meningitis. >> reporter: metro officials took the bus out of service to clean it with 164 other buses as precaution. the driver's last shift was past friday morning on the 14th street line. he drove route 52, at 7:13 from 14th/buchanan, and then route 54 at 8:03, to 14th street and colorado street northwest. the last trip was back on route 52. 9:00 a.m., 14th street/colorado street northwest back to
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l'enfante. you may want to relax, officials don't believe the driver used any other buses. according to cdc, viral meningitis is generally less serious and lasts seven off to ten days. a list of symptoms -- while crews continue to scrub down the buses, martha says she will stray fresh and clean with hand sanitizer. health experts say that viral meningitis can infect anyone. but infants that are 1-month-old and younger along with people with weak immune systems are more likely to get it. in northwest washington, d.c., i'm shomari stone. >> police chief bill lee offered to permanently step down. city commissioners rejected his resignation in a 3-2 vote.
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lee and his department have been widely criticized for failing to immediately arrest neighborhood watch captain george zimmerman who shot unarmed teenager trayvon martin in february. zimmerman left jail overnight after posting $150,000 bail. he has gone back into hiding. >> tonight, police in prince george's county linked the suspect in the murder of an activist to two other murders. all murders are thought to have been random robberies. tonight jackie benson spoke exclusively to the wife of one victim waiting seven years for justice. jackie. >> reporter: doreen, it was news she waited years to hear. a hard working cab driver, a 17-year-old high school student, and a respected alexandria community activist, a man whose murder may help bring justice for the first two victims. >> he said do you remember me from when your husband got killed? yeah, okay, yes, i remember you. he said we got the killer.
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>> ruth lost her husband edmond in january of 20 2005. he picked up a man who later shot and killed him during an attempted robbery. detectives believe that man is tyrone antoine lewis. they believe lewis and calvin walker also 26, were responsible for the robbery and murder of a teenager on iverson street in hillcrest heights, october 10, 2011, the victim, a 17-year-old justin isaacs who collapsed and died on the front steps of his home after being shot. the cab driver's widow, ruth afacioso is grateful. to final victim lenny harris. the investigation that began when his body was pulled from an oxon hill well w -- well, means the man has been found >> he had no regret what he did
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to the human beings lives noucht . now he will have plenty of tomb to think about it. >> reporter: reporting live from prince george's county police headquarters in palmer park, jackie benson, news 4. >> thank you, jackie. the men convicted in the savage beating death of a d.c. woman nearly 30 years ago could be cleared in the case. an innocence hearing started to day. in the high profile katherine fuller murder case. fuller was attacked and killed back in 1984, in an alley in north east d.c. eight people were convicted including cliff yarborough, he was 16 years old at the detectives beat a confession out of him. defense lawyers say there is other evidence some one else is responsible. >> sex lies and former presidential candidate. the start of john edwards trial in north carolina. wendy. >> reporter: edwards, a former north carolina senator its
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accused of violating campaign finance law to cover up an extramarital affair. edwards former aid is the star witness for the prosecution and today, prosecutors didn't waste any time calling andrew young to the strand. young was more than an aide to edwards. they were close friends. he testified that he met a woman, hunter, traveling with edwards in 2006. young even claimed he was the father of hunter's chidld thoug it was edwards. two wealthy campaign supporters secretly paying nearly $1 million to support hon ehunter keep her secret. edwards' defense lawyer told the court that john edwards is a man who committed many sins, but no crimes. experts think this trial could last six weeks. edwards facing up to 30 years in federal prison if he ends up convicted. back to you. >> tonight, a 12th military
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official under investigation in connection with a secret service pro prostitution scandal in colombia. a member of a military unit that secures phones and computers for official trips. pentagon officials say they have suspended security clearance for all military personnel implicated. six secret service members have already lost their jobs. the white house says no staffers were involved. here is some good news. tonight you are paying less for gasoline than you did a week ago. the average price per gallon dropped 5 cents in the past week brink the national average to $3.86. about the same price we were paying at this time last year. here is a look at how gas prices are averaging in our area. in d.c. -- it's $4.15 a gallon for regular. irmainla maryland, $3.90, virginia, $3.83. a star on "er" is following george clooney's footsteps in a
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manner of speaking. he got arrested to day in d.c. officers handcuffed wylie inside the capitol among with 100 protestors, some of them in wheelchairs. the group known as "adapt" is urging lawmakers to prevent cuts to medicaid. he says cutbacks will leave many patients woupt tithout the serv they need. last month george clooney was arrested protesting. >> the attorney general is suing one time white house security crasher for violating the state consumer protection act. accused of cheating customers who paid for tours of wineries. among alleged violations not delivering on promised tours, not providing refund, and misrepresenting businesses as official partners. leaders in prince george's county hope state law makers will call for a special session tomorrow and take up the issue of bringing a casino into the
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county. one developer in the county wants to seep it built at the boulevard at the cap center in largo. that developer says it would unclued 4,800 slot marines and more than 100 table games. county executive, previously has said he wants to build a vegas style facility at national harbor. >> still ahead on news 4 at 11:00, a fired pastor gives the i-team, a one-on-one un o-on-on. >> a local guy got a ticket, for something a lot of drivers have somet[ male announcer ]ers have this was how my day began.
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a local man is filing a complaint after a d.c. police officer pulled him over because of an air freshener. richardo kerns from oxon hill, he was pulled over, because of the air freshener. he didn't let the officers search his truck. he ended up for a $35 ticket for objects obstructing view. and an $800 fine for driving without proper insurance and failure to improve insurance. he says he does have insurance. he was driving a new car and couldn't show the proof. d.c. police tell us it is a violation to have an air freshener from your rearview mirror and can be ticketed for it. >> tonight for the first time, the man fired as pastor of one of the bigger mega churches in our area is talking with the
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news 4 iteam. pastor joe pebbles is talking about what tore apart jericho city of praise and why he was fired from the church built by his mother, betty pebbles. >> it's a hostile takeover of a church ministry. >> reporter: with his wife, pastor joe pebbles is talking for the first time about how a small group of employees took control of his mother's church. jericho city of praise after she died in 2010. >> did your mother say to you, joel, i want you to take my place? joel, i want you to be in charge? >> about 1,000 times. she believed in passing the mantel, not that the church is a birth right. but it is also, ministry is a calling. >> did your mother ever say to you, i'm changing the plan? >> absolutely not. >> pebbles took the board of trustees to court where a judge
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ruled peebles its not on the board and employees are the lawful board of trustees governing jericho. >> reporter: i have had folks say to me that the janitor is now in charge of the church. is the janitor in charge of the church? >> the chief operating officer is the janitor. the janitor receives money and her car. one of the other persons on this board, receives fur coat, rolex watches, most of them receive money. >> reporter: the news 4 i-team received a copy of betty peeble's trust, where she does leave the items to board members and thousands in cash. but she also leaves money to her son and other family members. >> i am extraordinarily concerned. >> he pounds to court depositions where board members testified, betty peebles gave them all large raises before she
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died. it shows the multimillion dollar organization never had regular financial reports. when asked if there has ever been a budget, the financial officer answered under oath, no. she estimated, jericho collects around $48,000 in tithes each sunday. >> that is a power grab. that is a power grab without a doubt. >> reporter: he says the current board took advantage of his mother's illness in the last months of her life. in a written statement to news 4, the board says any allegation that apostle peebles was manipulated was preposterous and out landish. they say he failed to produce any evidence or facts that the apostle was mentally incompetent or had been taken advantage of. she established the board in 2009 before getting sick. the board fired peebles last week. jericho is now split. something peebles said would have devastated his parents. >> they would be utterly broken,
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utterly broken. in fact, i am glad that they're not here. because i would never have wanted them to go through and see -- what has taken place. >> reporter: the board says the decision to terminate peebles stands and they quote, wish him peace and blessings as he moves forward. peebles says he is not going to give up on one day returning to jericho. tisha thompson, news 4, i-team. >> doug, when will we see spring again? >> 82 saturday. 50 today. little temperature swing. >> little confusing. >> roller coaster, very confusing. talked last couple weeks. hey maybe time to put away the coats. mother nature said, uh-uh. not so fast. over the next cup douple days a chiacht -- days. a chilly night. sitting in the 40s across much of the region. that's normally where we should be for early morning low
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temperatures. not where we should be at 11:00 at night. for the record. high temperature of 50 degrees. we have not seen 50 for a high in april very much. only about, four, five times. over the last five years. average high is 69. nearly 20 degrees below average today. 1 1/2 inches of rain. we needed the rain. that's the good part. did see beneficial. take a look at the highs. 45, leesburg. 51, fredericksburg. with the wind. it didn't feel close to the numbers. many of you stayed in the 30s all day. with the wind chill. current temperature out there right now. 44 degrees. humidity, 79%. looking at the wind, out of southwest at 7 miles per hour. still gusting in some locations. so current temperature, down to 39 in hagerstown. 43, winchester. 43, culpeper you. know it will be a cold morning when you wake up. take a look at the wind chills. 32 inhagerstown. 36, leesburg, investigagaithers.
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gold for this time of year. make sure you have the kids with coats on when you send them off to school tomorrow. here is the rotation of the storm. the huge area of low pressure, big nor'easter that brought a ton of snow towards central portions of pennsylvania up to a foot and a half in some of the higher elevations. now for us, the shower activity is gone. and it will stay out of here. at least, for the next two dates. cold weather in for it today. will move to the north during the day tomorrow. the storm system does the same. we'll still see a breeze tomorrow. out of the northwest. that is gugoing to create coole temperatures. fairly chilly. wednesday. getting nice again. more sunshine. temperatures, where they should be for this time of year. tomorrow morning, mostly cloudy. damp, breezy, cold. once again. make sure you have the coats on when you step outside early tomorrow morning. it is not going to warm up quickly. but it will warm up. by tomorrow afternoon. i think we get between 57 and 62 degrees. breezy conditions. 68 on your wednesday. much better there.
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72, thursday. with a pretty good chance of shower activity. maybe some storms. and then right now. saturday, sunday. looking good as far as temperatures go. but a system is going to come through this weekend. could make this one a fairly wet weekend. have to wait and see what is happening there. 70 and wet. be better than 50 and wet. >> i'll say. still ahead. the hit show smash. comes to life in a fairfax county school today. >> in sports. the wizards.
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wizard have had a miserable season. ernie grunfield hasn't been
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having a god tiod time this yea. >> hasn't had a good last four years or so. everyone wondering if the wizards owner would blow things up and bring in new leadership. wonder no more. they have tentatively agreed on a multiyear deal. so we find out tonight that ernie remains as team president. and wizard get their fourth straight win for the first time since 2007. man, a party! randy whitman, status for next year still unknown. a game like this helped. first quarter. taking it to the 10. he had a pretty nice game. 16 points. 14 assists. wizards up by 3 at this point. second quarter. they're now up by 19. get the ball to the big man. nene driving. he had 18. caps a 28-6 wizards run. under 10 to go in the half. wizards pouring it on. and 16 points. for the rookie. wizards crush the bobcats. washington has now won four --
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they won a championship or something. do they always have streamers come down. >> my goodness. may have to cool it on the streamers. >> why? live it up it is four in a row. >> he said you are not going to run out of them this year. >> for the past four years. >> there's some left. >> pretty good line for a weatherman. i like that. it was good. seth greenburg out of virginia tech early this afternoon. greenburg was hosting recruits and had no idea he would be fired. by 4:00 p.m. virginia tech was having a press conference. the reason he was fired according to the athletic director was the mass exodus of assistant coaches the last two years. >> i did not like quite honestly the way things unfolded with coaches leaving and acc program that had the promise on the court that this program has for
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next year. it had something to do with people leaving and it had something to do with me wanting to change the direction and leadership of the program. >> well, clearly. henrik lundquist, top seed of the east, rangers, iowa senators. rangers on the power play. trailing 1-0, brad richards shoots it towards the net. tip it in. check out the replay. all tied at one. later in the period. still tied at 1. range rangers. gets off the pass. he hits brad richards. and there is no deflection needed here. the rangers take a 2-1 lead. they go on to win, 3-2 to force a game seven on thursday. so for hockey fans, you have a game seven on wednesday. caps/boston. ga
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lindsay lohan, to star as elizabeth taylor in the lifetime movie, liz and dick, centered around her love affair with richard burton. taylor and burton met in cleopatra, left their spouses, got married, divorced. then married, then divorced again. it marks part of lindsay lohan's come back. production set for early june.
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>> hopefuls in lorton got advice. angie goff, hosted the smash viewing party at south county secondary school. special guest, joshua adams, d.c. studio theater. he treated young people to a little monologue performance and encouraged students to fully immerse themselves in scripts and characters. adams says he had a lot of fun changing his appearance for roles even when he has to dye his hair. >> wonder if he ever had to cut it all off. that's dedication. that
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